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Voltage Levels

The EBG Process - What happens during the scan?

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TheEBGScan - Health and Wellness Knowledge

A real-time ,49 body system assessment tool, using enhanced digital imaging processes that capture the electrical energetic processes of the human body.  New proprietary applied mathematical algorithms allow for this assessment to be done in 3 minutes, and is cleared by the FDA as an electro-physiological measurement tool. To date over a million scans have been done with the EBG technology in research and development over the past past 18 plus years.

Your Energy Report Begins with Your Personal Dashboard

The Science behind the EBG measurement is based upon the fundamental electrical currents present in all living cells through ion  movements, molecular exchanges, biophotonic (light) interchange . The ability to measure these currents reveals valuable biometric information relating directly to chronic diseases, pathological and physiological conditions.

TheEBG, a new, non-invasive measurement tool, captures images of electrophysiological signals evoked from your body. These unique signals are then analyzed through a series of proprietary algorithms, and compared across a vast database of over a million images.

The Result is a comprehensive biometric report providing visibility to the functional dynamics of the client's cellular voltage including changes in mitochondrial ATP energy production as manifested in chronic disease, and physiological conditions.

Light Medicine
 The dashboard provides you with a real-time energy status for all of the major body systems. It provides indicators of areas or issues that require your immediate attention or preventative action steps. It also tells you if there is a risk of disease, whether you have improved or reversed since your last scan, as well as specific organs/structures that are out of bounds.

EBG Reports The Body's Voltage Levels

Body Voltage Dictates Health and Disease

Do you know what your body voltages are?

With an EBG Scan you can know in just minutes!