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Light Medicine

EBG Measurement Preparation:

  • No alcohol 24 hours prior to the scan,

  • No wheat or caffeine 2 hours prior to the scan,

  • No use of lotion 2 hours prior to the scan,

  • Short fingernails are required – please see picture below.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens during the EBG scan?​

You place your finger on the surface of the EBG scanner and an image of your finger is captured by the technology. We do this for each of your ten fingers, then this process is repeated. Once this is complete and the images are accepted, the analysis takes approximately 2 minutes.

  • Are there special precautions that I need to take prior to the EBG scan?

It is best to refrain from alcohol 24 hours prior to your scan appointment. Also do not eat any wheat/gluten, or drink any caffeine 2 hours prior to your scan. This way, we eliminate any variables that may contribute to higher scan readings. Also, it is necessary to have short fingernails, nothing above the tip of the finger (as you look at your hand from the palm side). It is ok to have acrylic or polish on your nails, but your nails must be short.

  • How long does the scan take?

Typically, the scan itself only takes 5 minutes while processing and analysis takes another 2 minutes or so. After the processing is complete, the results are shared with you in detail.

  • Does the scan hurt?

No! After literally 1,000,000+ scans, there has never been an experience of injury as a result of the scan. The EBG technology is totally non-invasive and there is no exposure to any radiation or anything harmful.

  • Do I get the results?

Yes, scan results are shared with you during your visit. A printout is provided at the time of the scan. As we go through the scan it is advised for you to take notes so that you can refer to them later on.

  • How often can you have a scan?

Since the scan is completely non-invasive, you literally could have a scan anytime, or as many times in one day as you wish. Once you have the initial scan, called a "baseline" scan, typically it is recommended to have another scan in approximately 4-8 weeks to assess your progress, or the effectiveness of your therapy plan, or the status of your wellness goals.

If you have no specific established goal, but you wish to assess your well-being, a scan is recommended every 3-6 months.

  • Is there research to support the science behind the scan?

Indeed there is a great deal of research to support the science behind the technology. Please see the Research tab for more information.

  • What is the science behind the EBG technology?

Please see the Science tab for more information.

  • Does the technology have FDA clearance?

The technology achieved FDA clearance as a class 1 medical device in July 2016. It also fits the criteria as a wellness tool as defined by the FDA.