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EBG Reports Voltage Levels

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Utilizing the comprehensive information provided by the EBG Scan a personalized

Health & Wellness Plan

can be created specifically for you!

Creating yourHealth & Wellness Plan

  • How does it work?
    • First  - we need to do an EBG scan.
    • Second - with these results we can create a customized plan for you based on the goals you wish to achieve.
    • Third - we decide on the different phases of the plan an how to roll them out.
    • Fourth - based on your progress we can retest with the EBG to see the progress you are sure to make.
  • How long does it take?
    • The EBG scan takes only a few minutes - literally 7 minutes start to end to complete.
    • During your first visit we can take up to an hour or hour and a half to discuss these initial results and talk about your wellness goals.
    • Depending on your timing and how soon you would like to start we can create your phased approach at the first visit or a subsequent visit. This is geared with you in mind and meeting your needs.
    • Your follow-up scan can take place as soon as 7 days after your first scan to see how you are doing, or as long as 4-6 weeks depending on what you are aiming to achieve.

  • If you are interested in the EBG scan with or without creating a wellness plan please call/email for current pricing.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: LuceMed is always running specials and I also have special relationships with certain physician or practitioner providers so please inquire if there are specials or if your referring physician/practitioner is a special provider.

  • Western Medicine focuses on the individual parts of the body and their function. While this is important and has brought about many advances it is important to also focus on the relationships between the organs and systems throughout the body. Looking at the relationships we can better understand cause and effect regarding symptoms or issues you might be experiencing.
  • The EBG allows us to see all of the systems at once, and thus understand the relationships between the organs and systems by seeing how they are effecting one another in real- time.
  • The EBG allows us to see energy as a flowing circuit - much like an electrical circuit in the body - is the current running too hot (stress), current too low (deficiency)?
  • Understanding how the energy current is flowing, can give us immediate direction for understanding symptoms or issues you might be having yet conventional medicine is unable to determine why.
  • The EBG uses information similar to Traditional Chinese Medicine which is a holistic global vision regarding the relationships of the parts of the our bodies - realizing we are more than the sum of our parts.
  • Body - Mind - Spirit - make you uniquely YOU. With the EBG we can see how they are all working together to create your overall experience in the world.

Based on your health & wellness goals we can work together to increase your Body Voltage! 

Let's get you in the GREEN!

  • Using a phased approach based on functional medicine practices we can create a customized plan to raise your voltages throughout your body
  • Address specific needs and issues you may be facing
  • Look at unique methods including energy medicine modalities to assist you
  • Working with physicians and practitioners who are knowledgeable about the information provided by the EBG, you have a team that can assist in creating the best plan for you
  • Best of all we can test the method with the EBG to see if the plan is working!

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