"I have had the privilege of working with Nancy Rizzo and seeing the power and specificity of the biophoton technology she has developed for the past several years. It is at the leading edge of medicine brining advanced systems-based understanding to human physiology. It not only pinpoints a diverse array of conditions but shows how they are interrelated in ways that allow the design of elegant treatment approaches. We have shared many patients over the past few years and I am convinced that the health and well-being of those we have cared for together has been greatly enhanced. Not only does it allow early diagnosis, but it demonstrates to the patients what is going on in their bodies in a way that frequently motivates them to make the necessary diet and lifestyle changes to succeed in achieving and sustaining a higher level of health."  

"In addition to the quality and sophistication of the technology I have found Nancy to be very astute in her interpersonal skills in working with people. She is thoughtful, supportive and nurturing while at the same time helping to motivate people to reach for higher goals and understand their health on a more complete level."

Dr. Robert Sheeler,  former Medical Editor of Mayo Clinic Health Letter, family physician, Boarded and Certified in Family Medicine, Functional Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Urgent Care and as a Headache Subspecialist by the United Council of Neurologic Sub-specialties.

"I am a very healthy 58 year old and am always open to learning about natural ways to KEEP my body healthy. Back in July, I was invited to a Health Seminar where Nancy spoke. I learned a lot from her that evening about ways to live healthier....naturally!! She also spoke about her health screening tool that she developed which is both non-invasive and inexpensive and delivers a real-time assessment of more than 49 organs/systems in the body. This is done by her scanner reading the health of your body through the tips of your fingers! I knew IMMEDIATELY that I had to experience this for myself! Even though I'm healthy, Nancy's scan revealed some things that were happening in my body. Based on the results of my scan, Nancy suggested I make a few lifestyle changes and also shared information with me regarding a few natural supplements to incorporate into my already healthy lifestyle. Well, I thought I felt good before, but after seeing Nancy, and implementing a few of her suggestions, I'm not feeling good anymore.........I'm feeling GREAT! Nancy is a gem and is so passionate about helping others. I am so blessed to know Nancy, and how wonderful is it to be able to peer inside our bodies with the technology of her amazing scanning tool!! In my opinion, everyone needs to meet her and experience this wonderful advanced technology she offers!
Trust me, you'll be glad you did!! I am!!" Gwen Beckcom

 Hi, my name is Gwen Beckcom and I have the best job ever! I get to work with health minded people,
like myself, to realize their dreams of living healthy vibrant lives through diet, exercise and the use of
therapeutic grade essential oils....not only for physical health, but for mental & emotional health as well.
I believe that our bodies can heal themselves with proper care and nutrition and love working closely with
others to help them to BE their best, and to FEEL their best, in their personal & business lives!! I would love
to help YOU to live YOUR best life! Feel free to contact me through my website and ask any questions.
Gwen is a Health & Wellness Coach, AromaTouch Certified and a Fitness Trainer at her fitness studio in 
Mission Hills with her husband Blake. Fitness Together offers one-on-one Personal Training, Wellness Consultations and AromaTouch Treatments all in a private setting.  www.fitnesstogether.com/missionhills


Recently I visited the clinic of Nancy Rizzo of Luce Med.  She performed a body scan on me using her state-of-the-art technology, Body Photon Imaging. 
The scan took 20-30 minutes.  At its conclusion, Nancy spent a generous amount of time with me reviewing and interpreting the fascinating data she collected.  I learned critical information about the status of my health.  Nancy suggested some simple, but important, lifestyle modifications I could make to improve some weaknesses that were revealed.  She also recommended a few specialized, health care providers to address some specific issues that were uncovered – all she believed to be reversible with the proper treatment or protocol.    
Basically it was a peaceful time, valuable time, time to prioritize me.  I was reminded that my health wasn’t a big mystery.  Everything can be measured – numbers, plugged into science equations tell us all we need to know.  I’m so grateful to Nancy for all the value she provided in our initial visit.  There will be a next time!

Testimonial from client, Janet Larson


I was having difficult digestive issues and my doctor recommended that I see Nancy Rizzo for her EBG scan. It is an amazing non-invasive full body scan that blew me away. It was able to show, not only the issues in my gut, but what else that was affecting.  I also saw all the areas that are doing well, and the overall scan let me know I am doing a pretty good job with my health. Nancy recommended a few lifestyle changes and I took ALL her advice. After three months, I took the scan again and saw the tremendous progress I had made with those changes. I am a firm believer in what she does and see her twice a year as part of my health awareness and care. Nancy is helping me stay on course, so I can live a long healthy life.  Thank you, Nancy!  Sherri B


The EBG scan in conjunction with Dr. Rizzo’s health coaching has been a valuable tool in helping me achieve my wellness goals. The insight the scan provides is amazing and allows me to be proactive with my health. It identifies existing health issues that I can address as well as conditions that may not yet be symptomatic. Follow-up scans let me track improvement to see if treatment is working. Dr. Rizzo’s knowledge, insight, and genuine concern for clients make her an ideal health partner. Jan A


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