Heartmath training

Resilience training and Stress reduction

East - West Medicine

Bridging the gap between eastern and western medicine


Subtle Energy Practitioner

Providing Quantitative Evidence and Certification

Oncology Patient Advocate

Have questions? Wondering about a therapy, or about how integrative medicine could help, or want help understanding an alternative therapy? I'm here to help.

Body Photon Imaging

Learn how your cells are communicating and what that means for your health and wellbeing

Belly Button Healing

Learn how to unlock your second brain for

a healthier you!

Energy Medicine

Exploring the many energy medicine modalities and validating their effects

Oncology Patient Advocacy

Integrative & Functional Medicine Coaching

Create a successful wellness plan

Sports Performance

Wouldn't it be great to see inside the body and know what was working and what wasn't? Let me help you to enhance your overall performance using the BPI technology.